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I’m Jannet Walsh and welcome to my Visual Journalism Portfolio to showcase my photography and videos.

This website will be used for teaching photojournalism in fall 2018 at St. Cloud State University.  I can’t wait to start working with the next generation of visual journalists or photojournalists in a society where, with a mobile device or computer, everyone is the media.

Learn about the National Press Photographers Association, NPPA.

Students are encouraged to join the National Press Photographers Association. Aspiring visual journalists  enrolled full-time in colleges and high schools can jumpstart their careers in the field of visual journalism, connect with professionals and open doors to training, internships and more.  There’s a reduced membership fee for students.  Find out more now!

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Exciting News – My video I shot at Isle Royale National Park, an island located in the middle of Lake Superior, is scheduled to be used by the California  Academy of  Sciences in San Francisco  for an upcoming video series with the Chicago Public Schools, publishing in June 2018.  Learn more about my Isle Royale iPhone video shoot.

  • Multimedia Toolkit – You might be interested in visiting Multimedia Toolkit website I use for teaching Multimedia.
  • JannetWalsh.com – This is a career portfolio site with my public relations and education work and more.

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