Interviews featuring Jannet Walsh

In the news

Interview via Skype for HLN – Clark Howard Show, “Industrious iReporter hires herself!” April 21, 2012. View this video at YouTube.

Featured in St. Cloud State today “Husky Agency debuts,” with related blog post at Husky Agency, Oct. 13, 2016.

Click on image to view video at

Featured in a CNN iReport video with actors from “Star Trek Into Darkness,” at approximately 1:40 in video, May 16, 2013.

Interview, March 14, 2013, by Sarah Brown, CNN, London, “Catholics: 5 ways for Francis to move forward,” CNN World.

Interview, Feb. 12, 2013, by Hada Messia and Michael Pearson, CNN, “Too tired to go on, Pope Benedict resigns,” CNN International, European editions.

Video featured, Nov. 12, 2012, at, CNN iReport, “Video: A genealogical journey from Minnesota to Knockanarror,” by Dave Mollory, Dublin, Ireland, WorldIrish.

Click on image to find out about book.

Book interview, October 12, 2012, by Mark Meltzer, Atlanta, featured in a New York Times best seller, “Clark Howard’s Living Large for the Long Haul,” publisher Avery, 2013. Read more at Clark Howard’s website.




Interview via Skype for live shot, on March 9, 2012, by HLN anchor Richelle Carey about zero job growth, the lowest since World War II. (Link is broken)

Featured in Overheard on CNN, “Time to bring troops home?” March, 20, 2012.

Interview, “iReport Pundit of the Week: Jannet Walsh,” by March, 20, 2012.

Featured, “iReport Pundits share top election issues,” CNN iReport blog, April 20, 2012.

Click on my Aunt Margaret A. Walsh’s photo to read CNN story.

Interview, CNN Living, “1940s Census records unlock family mysteries,” by Emanuella Grinberg, CNN, April 17, 2012.






Featured in CNN video, “UN: Internet expression a human right,” July 26, 2012.

Interview by Lisa Desjardins and Emma Lacey-Bordeaux, from CNN Radio, in Murdock, Minn. on July 16, 2012, for a story on small businesses. Featured on the home page, CNN iReport, CNN

Radio audio story, CNN Radio written story, CNN U.S.


Click on image to view video at

Participated in CNN iReport debate on subject of jobs, CNN Politics, “Where are the jobs?” July 11, 2012. View video at


Interview, CNN Health, by Elizabeth Landau, CNN, “Unemployment takes tough mental toll,” June 15, 2012.

Interview, featured in CNN Living story, May 9, 2012, in “8 ideas for a memorable Mother’s Day,” by Ashely Strickland and Jamie Gumbrecht, CNN.

Interview, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) by Jennifer Vogel, MPR, “Behind the brain gain: Ups and downs of going rural,” May 16, 2012.

Interview via Skype, HLN Morning Express and, “I am America,” on Feb. 23, 2012.

Interviewed via Skype for HLN – Clark Howard Show, “Clark Howard and iReporter’s resolution,” Jan. 24, 2012.

Click on image to view video at

Featured in CNN television and online, “Meet some of the one million iReporter,” Jan. 20, 2012.

Click on image to view video at CNN.

Click here if you are having trouble viewing video

Featured on CNN promotion and video, “America’s Choice promo with iReporters,” Jan. 4, 2012.


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