Groundhog Day Tornado

I covered the 2007 Groundhog Day Tornados near Deland, Florida, February 2, 2007.  There were 21 people killed and 76 others injured during the tornado, as a result of a  supercell with a 70-mile trail of damage.  I covered the first and second day of the tragedy,  along with several stories related to the community rebuilding their homes and lives. – Jannet Walsh

Jannet Walsh, Ocala Star-Banner, day after tornados in the Lake Mack area, Deland, Fla., Feb. 3, 2007. Photo by Fred Hiers, Ocala Star-Banner.

The second day after the tornado I was sent to specifically get a list of the dead in an area called Lake Mack.  In my career as a  photojournalist, this is the closet  I have been to a war zone with the high death total of 21 people, and most homes destroyed.


A long east-west line of various colors indicates the strength of the storm as it moves across the Floridian peninsula. Boxes indicate the warnings issued by the Nation Weather Service. A particularly violent section of the storm, the part which caused the tornadoes, is signified by deep red. It is followed across the state by NWS warnings.
By NOAA –, Public Domain, Link

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