Alice Broom remembered

Six pit bulls kill Alice Broom
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It was dark the night I arrived at the home of the late Alice Broom in Citra, Fla. in 2003, after she had been mauled by a pack of pit bulls dogs in front of her own home. I was present when a Marion County deputy told her family that she had died.

It was a painful moment for the family so I waited a short time before I started to photograph them in their grief. I was also present when the owner of the dogs, Robert Freeman, was convicted in April 2006 by a jury of manslaughter with culpable negligence.

This time I photographed Helen Hector, a daughter of the late Broom after she fainted in the Marion County Courtroom. There were several members of the media, but all the TV photographers had left the courtroom. Again, I did not photograph right away, waiting a few moments. Before Helen Hector fainted, she noted that she might have seen her late mother in her presence, very emotional moment. This we will never know for certain, but certainly a family that had suffered during the past few years, but received resolution and perhaps a special grace that day from God in the courthouse.

Helen Hector, daughter of the late Alice Broom faints after the verdict was read. Right is Dorothy Munnerlyn. Right is Marion County Sheriff Lt. Joe Wright Jr., holding her hand while Nancy Locke left, with the Victim Witness Program at the State Attorney’s Office helps. The trial of Freeman is in the court room of Judge Hale Stancil at the Marion County Courthouse. This is the fourth day of the trial of Robert Freeman, of Citra.

Freeman owned six pit bulls that mauled Alice Broom to death in front of her home in Citra, in 2003, Thursday afternoon, April 27, 2006, Ocala, FL. ( Photo by Jannet Walsh/Star-Banner)2006


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