“Mary Margaret Manatee” Book Promotion

Book promotion video – This video was produced by Jannet Walsh, along with motion graphics for a video promotion of a book entitled, “Mary Margaret Manatee.”  FinalCut Pro X was used to edit this video.  Original art work and book by Lucy Beebe Tobias, ©2013, Lucy Beebe Tobias. All Rights Reserved. lucytobias.com

Book Details:
Mary Margaret Manatee – the adventures of a young Florida Manatee, a 24-page picture book for 4-8 year olds with resources for helping Mary Margaret and her friends. Written and illustrated by Lucy Beebe Tobias, ©2013. Print and e books published September, 2013.

Click on image and read more about this book!

Find out more about Mary Margaret Manatee, available in English and Spanish.

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