Greystone Airport Accident, Ocala, Florida

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Photo by Jannet Walsh, Star-Banner,, Jan. 26, 2008.

Florida Highway Patrol officers examine the remains of crash that killed five people early Saturday at Greystone Airport adjacent to Jumbolair Aviation Estates. – JANNET WALSH/STAR-Banner. (January 26, 2008,

My photos above are from a horrible car crash in Ocala, Florida in early 2008. The photos were used around the world in newspaper and online. Five young men lost their lives in a car crash at an airstrip John Travolta and others use. Click here to see how a daily newspaper used this photo in Oslo, Norway.

Newspaper pages with my photos
Dagbladet, Oslo, Norway, story online
Dagbladet, Oslo, Norway, story PDF
Chicago Tribune, PDF
Orlando Sentinel, PDF
The Honolulu Advertiser, PDF



I was the first photographer at the crash scene and worked with  Austin Miller, on the story.


Photo I took before sunrise. Photo by Jannet Walsh.

Here is one of my original photos taken before sunrise.  I was originally told there was plane crash, but it was a car with five young men, driving at excessive speed off an elevated air strip at Greystone  Airport near Ocala, Florida.  See graphic below about the accident.

Josh Chase, left, is hugged by his friend Nicole Spivey at the Trinity Catholic High School chapel in Ocala. Chase played football and graduated with Jacob Casey, a 2007 graduate of Trinity Catholic. Case was one fo the five young men killed Saturday in an early morning accident in Anthony, Fla. – JANNET WALSH/STAR-BANNER

View photo online with story


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